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March 19th, 2014 · Leave a Comment

American Heart Association Video Sends Message of Hope.

By jthebiay

In the video below, Joseph Dearani, M.D., chair of cardiovascular surgery at Mayo Clinic, talks about the history of miracles in medicine - from the invention of antibiotics to organ transplantation - and the need for something new to transform medicine for those with heart failure. Particularly patients with congenital heart defects. "Once the function of the ventricle goes down, we don't have anything for that. Stem cell therapy has the ability to improve the function of any of the ventricles that are failing," says Dr. Dearani.

Timothy Nelson M.D., Ph.D., discusses the first step - the clinical trial underway at Mayo Clinic using stem cells in congenital heart disease, specifically HLHS. "What we believe is that the cells are stimulating the [...]

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IMPACT: Innovative Minds Partnering to Advance Cardiac Theranostics

By jthebiay

An undergraduate collaboratory sponsored by the Todd and Karen Wanek Family Program for Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

HLHS heart not labelled


The mission of Mayo Clinic is to inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being by providing the best care to every patient through integrated clinical practice, education, and research.  In the Todd and Karen Wanek Family Program for Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS), Mayo Clinic physicians and scientists are working collaboratively to find and apply innovative solutions for HLHS. The ultimate goal of this program is to delay or prevent the need for heart transplantation in patients with HLHS.

To [...]

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February 6th, 2014 · Leave a Comment

CHD Awareness Week Is February 7-14

By jthebiay

In honor of Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week (February 7-14), we at the program for HLHS wanted to share this touching video. We, too, have hope to one day find a cure for the amazing warriors of CHD.

For more information, please visit the CHD Awareness Week website, or visit the CHD Awareness Week Facebook page and add a 'twibbon' to your Facebook profile to show your support.

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January 10th, 2014 · Leave a Comment

Wall Street Journal Article Discusses Umbilical Cord Blood Therapies

By jthebiay

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal discusses the therapeutic potential of umbilical cord blood stem cells, including the current clinical trial being conducted at Mayo Clinic using cord blood for Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. The journal interviewed Tim Nelson, M.D., Ph.D, director of the Todd and Karen Wanek Family Program for Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.

"Umbilical cord blood is the most common type of stem cells available and is commonly discarded," says Dr. Nelson. "It is important to systematically work with regulatory agencies to validate any new application. We hope that our focused efforts will indeed lead to new applications for children with congenital heart disease."

Read the full article here.

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December 18th, 2013 · Leave a Comment

Because of YOU!

By jthebiay

The entire HLHS team at Mayo Clinic would like to extend a big THANK YOU to the families that traveled from near and far to take part  in the inaugural HLHS: Feel the Beat event.

What a special day! Over 200 participants enjoyed the science experiments, minute-to-win-it games, face painting, massages, prize drawings, and so much more. The future for those affected with HLHS will be better BECAUSE OF YOU.

Enjoy some of the photos from science experiments, and plan to join in the festivities next October!

The kids had a chance to sequence their own DNA....




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November 5th, 2013 · Leave a Comment

Biventricular Repair After Stage II Univentricular Surgery

By jthebiay

Imaging team

HLHS Imaging team (from left to right) Chelsea Reece, R.D.C.S, Dr. Patrick O'Leary, Dr. Muhammad (Yasir) Qureshi, Angela Miller, R.D.C.S., Becky Lindquist, R.D.C.S.

Children born with HLHS are generally destined for one of two paths: heart transplant or the three-staged surgical procedures resulting in a Fontan circulation. For some children born with milder forms of HLHS, however,  this may not be the case. In a  recent report published in the Annals of Thoracic Surgery, Biventricular Repair After Stage II Univentricular Surgery: Palliation Is Not a One-Way Path, Drs. Muhammad Yasir Qureshi, Harold Burkhart, and Donald Hagler show that the left ventricle may continue to [...]

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September 23rd, 2013 · Leave a Comment

HLHS: Feel the Beat, it’s almost time!

By jthebiay


Nathan Landow Atrium - Gonda Building

October 5th is coming fast! We hope you can join us for our inaugural HLHS: Feel the Beat event.

The day will begin at noon, in the Nathan Landow Atrium in the subway level of the Gonda Building.  The entrance to the Gonda building is located on 3rd Ave. NW. You may also enter from 2nd Ave NW across from the Kahler Grand Hotel. Doors will open at 11:45 a.m.

The welcome ceremony will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. At this time, we will also remember and honor all of the angels who continue to motivate and inspire [...]

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August 20th, 2013 · Leave a Comment

HLHS Feel the Beat Registration

By jthebiay

HLHS heart not labelled

HLHS Feel the Beat – It’s All Because of You 

Please join us Saturday, October 5, 2013

as we gather to celebrate all that we have done


to advance the care and treatment of



Our team of leading scientists, researchers and physicians will host an educational patient and family appreciation event to showcase the work we've done with your help. We can’t do this without you. Join us to see how your contributions to our ongoing research are making a difference.

 Hoping: Your stories make a difference and we are eager to hear them.

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