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June 28, 2013

Minneapolis ‘Star Tribune’ Features Story on Clinical Trial for HLHS

By Mindy Rice

To better understand and treat HLHS, our team is taking a multifaceted approach that includes research into imaging and outcomes, human genetics, and regenerative strategies. The program's goal is to launch clinical trials that offer the latest advances in cell therapy to people with HLHS with the ultimate goal of delaying, or even preventing, the need for heart transplants in people with HLHS.

Direct injection: a method for how stem cells can be delivered into the right ventricle of a hypoplastic left heart.


Recently, the Minneapolis Star Tribune visited Mayo Clinic to discuss the upcoming launch of the umbilical cord blood clinical trial. The resulting story highlights the necessity of integrating research and clinical practice, as well as patient participation and engagement, to accelerate new treatment options for those with HLHS.

Read the full story here.


The Todd and Karen Wanek Family Program for Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) is a collaborative network of specialists bonded by the vision of delaying or preventing heart failure for individuals affected by congenital heart defects including HLHS. The specialized team is addressing the various aspects of these defects by using research and clinical strategies ranging from basic science to diagnostic imaging to regenerative therapies.

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